Tuesday, June 7, 2011

This is SO me...

Just thought I'd stop and share a snapshot of sorts about what is currently running through this brain of mine, because it's just so typical... ME!

Short-term projects I'm currently mulling over, planning in my head & in various stages of tackling over the next month or so...
  • Kitchen overhaul... WAY WAY overdue. Finally going to at least start with some cosmetic stuff. We have a table we bought several months ago that I won't use until I've made some improvements. First up will probably be painting the cabinets & walls, doing something with the backsplash and soon after, the countertops. Jacques & the kids are heading out of state toward the end of the month for almost a week to help enable this process....
  • Home office/scraproom redo... I just hauled my ginormous table outside this weekend to use in the yard sale and it's not coming back in, plus I got rid of a little bit of the stuff I'd been storing. Now in the process of coming up with lots of interesting ideas to really transform this into a space I really love. This week I plan to scout the local secondhand stores for some cabinet/furniture possibilities and I've been collecting interesting & pretty containers for a few months now. Will be sharing more in the process via the Log Your Memory blog...
  • Re-organizing (and in some cases just simply organizing) my photos, scrapbooks and general scrapping process via the Finding Photo Freedom class by Stacy Julian, currently underway.
Biz development...
  • Continually maintaining, tweaking & otherwise working on Log Your Memory, including getting serious about the 2012 Memory Logbook plus another book that's been in the cooker for over a year now.
  • Developing a new sister site to Log Your Memory ... more on that to come ;)
  • Developing another biz idea that I've been mulling over for quite a while now in one form or another. It's starting to take shape in my brain finally to the point where I purchased a domain name for it this morning. More on that to come also... ;)
  • Noticing an interest from others in yet another area related to scrapbooking, so adding that to my stuff-to-think-about mind bank.
  • Participating in the Art of Action six-week online course via Tara Gentile that I'm currently enrolled in and contemplating membership in Kitchen Table Companies and/or Foolish University.
Health & wellness...


  1. You do have alot going on! I can't wait to see the end result of all of these!

  2. I love the roundup of going ons. I wrote a long crazy post today but need to link it up before hitting publish. Plus I will send u a pic of my tiny scrap room. I just cleaned it last night. I really am missing my paper crafts and a bit burned out on digi.

    Can't wait to see where this all heads for you.


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