Wednesday, January 21, 2009

16 things about me

Was inspired this morning by Ali Edwards' blog to jot down "16 things about me" at this moment in time. It was a lot of fun and now I'll probably incorporate this into a layout for my scrapbook about me. This would also be a good exercise to repeat in a few months...
1.    Morning is my favorite time of day, especially if I manage to get up and get a cup of coffee before my little girls wake up. I just love the sun streaming in the windows, the quiet, the Today show on in the background and the chance to check emails and wander around the Internet for a while before real life sets in again.

2.    My home office drives me crazy. Simply stated, it’s overpacked with a ton of stuff and always ends up looking like a cluttered mess. I would love to streamline but just can’t seem to get it done. I don’t like letting go of things… I might need it someday!

3.    I think I’ll probably write a book about my life someday. I’m just worried my memory won’t hold out and it’ll be a bunch of blank pages.

4.    I LOVE Legos. Have ever since I was little. I discovered the digital design program at over Christmas break and have literally had to stay away for fear all I would do all day is build Lego houses on my computer.

5.    I’m not a big fan of winter, except when viewed from inside my cozy house with no need to go out. It’s pretty, but it’s a pain in the butt. I’m terrified of ice, especially on the roads and it has to be a MAJOR event before I’ll take a trip that requires me to drive over an icy overpass.

6.    I’m a combination eater. Certain foods just have to have their counterpart – pizza requires Diet Coke, coffee almost always needs a sweet treat – caramels, brownies or sweet rolls are best – I would probably be half my size if I could find something I loved that would go with lettuce or fruit!

7.    I find office supplies very inspiring. I love finding a great new notebook or kind of pen.. I REALLY enjoy a great tag with lots of fun little boxes to fill in, so the new trends in digital scrapbooking make me want EVERYTHING right now!

8.    Love dessert. My favorites are chocolate cheesecake, a good plain chocolate brownie, cherry pie made with real pie cherries, turtle brownies and snicker cake.

9.    I’m somewhat addicted to Diet Coke and Cherry Coke One. Gave up all diet pops for a couple years about 12 years ago because of the fear of what artificial sweeteners do to your brain but don’t think I’ll do it again. It’s kinda like coffee is to others – if I don’t have it, I feel an intense need to GET it!

10.    I definitely prefer quiet and calm over loud and chaotic, but it can’t be TOO quiet, either. The TV is on all day in the background, just to keep me company. Of course, quiet isn’t an issue around here much right now … my 2-year-old never stops talking except when she’s asleep!

11.    I’ve always wished I had thicker hair. Not super thick but thicker than my baby fine hair. Something that could withstand a nap or a hat without being a frizzy, flyaway mess afterward. Something that could hold some of the cute cuts I can’t pull off with my own head of hair.

12.    I love to decorate, though you might not guess sometimes to look at my surroundings. If I had an unlimited budget and lots of free time (and didn’t have to worry about what the rest of my family likes), my house would look entirely different.

13.    One of my favorite parts of having two little girls after having two boys is the adorable baby clothes. Boys are great but they are not much fun to shop for. But it’s SO much fun looking at baby girl clothes … I especially love the combination of pink and brown!

14.    I’m a bit of a serial entrepreneur. I keep changing my focus, but right now I feel like I’m slowly making my way to where I really want to be, professionally speaking… Ali Edwards is as huge inspiration and role model for me in this area right now. Also love the digital kits by Katie Pertiet.

15.    The best gift right now would be lots and lots of free time to work on all the scrapbook and photo-related projects I feel inspired to do … without feeling guilty for not working on something else.

16.    I feel like the Internet and the ease of blogging has opened up a whole new world to me … there are so many neat people and great ideas out there, I could easily spend all day just wandering around and collecting ideas, to the point of almost being overwhelming. I love it!

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